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Arrests and trials against journalists

The Tunisian Association for the Defense of Individual Freedoms (ADLi)

Arrests and trials against journalists

on 09-13-2013

Following the arrests and trials initiated against journalists and in particular on this sad day of Friday, September 13, 2013 when three journalists were brought to justice: Tahar Ben H'sine, Zouhair EL Jiss and Zied el Hani and that a warrant judgment has just been ordered against the latter,

the ADLI recalls:

1. These trials and arrests testify to a SERIOUS regression in freedom of expression and especially freedom of the press and threaten the entire transition process,

2. Freedom constitutes the PRINCIPLE and can only be limited for reasons justified by the necessity demanded in a democratic society and while respecting the principle of proportionality; 

3. The application of the law by administrative and especially judicial authorities must be part of this framework of respect for freedom, necessity and proportionality,

4. The arrest of journalists cannot and in no case be justified by these limitations: the journalist poses no threat to internal public order or the external security of his country;

5. Fighting "the word" or "the word" through trials and arrests remains disproportionate, and recalls police and dictatorial measures,

In front of all these elements, the ADLI calls:

1. All journalists (women and men), to continue their fight to establish the bases of a democratic and free society,

2. All women and men of the Law be sure to respect the very spirit of the Laws: freedom.

For the ADLI Office

The President, Wahid Ferchichi

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