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Tunisian Association for the Defense of individual liberties

The ADLI as being a non-profit association was conceived and created after January 14, 2011. The creation of the ADLI takes place in the context of freedoms, and in particular the freedom to organize which reigned from the January 14, 2011. The initiative was guided by a desire to emphasize individual liberties.
These freedoms which are closely linked to the individual and which remain relatively ignored or even marginalized compared to collective and public liberties.

Indeed, the post January 14 period was characterized by a strong politicization of social life. This phenomenon has led to a renewed interest in all civil and political freedoms and rights, including the creation of associations, political parties and trade unions. But this politicization has, in a way, sidelined the Individual: the whole debate revolved around the rights of different groups (NGOs, political parties and unions).


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Aaref Hakek


Vous pouvez maintenant vous déplacer avec les informations relatives aux droits de l’homme en Tunisie dans la paume de votre main, grâce à la nouvelle application mobile "Aaref Hakek" disponible pour Android e

"This new application will give users easy and timely access to human rights information. It is a great complement to our current communication tools so that all those interested in human rights get the right information. desired information. "

Download now. The "Aaref Hakek" app is available through Google Play for Android systems.

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Presentation of the ADLI book "Local authorities and individual liberties"

"Local communities and individual liberties" The evening took place on Tuesday, December 17, 2019 at 7 p.m. at Dar El Jeld

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ADLI is an association created by a group of 6 people (lawyer, judge, designer and university professors) it's remains open to any citizen wishing to join it and share its objectives and principles.


Address :N°4 rue Mustapha Sfar, Alain Savary, Tunis, Tunisie.

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