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Mot de la Présidente (depuis 2020)

Soumaya Belhadj

ADLI is an activist association with a scientific connotation that has worked since its creation to ensure that individual freedoms are protected and respected. Indeed, the ADLI has constantly provided a theoretical and methodological corpus consisting of multidisciplinary approaches (legal, social, economic, psychological, historical, political, philosophical, etc.) having for object of study the different themes relating to individual freedoms.

These scientific works are not theoretical-theoretical quite the contrary, they contain a central aspect, namely the pragmatic fallout. These can, for example, take the form of advocacy sheets, practical recommendations or other specific action. Thus, ADLI tirelessly contributes to the collective effort made to analyze and reflect on the improvement of the living conditions of the individual by constantly placing him at the center of concerns. In addition, it undertakes concrete actions to remedy certain shortcomings.

ADLI is supported in its business by partners who have as their ultimate conviction and main objective the development of the individual. For this emulation and generous sharing, the ADLI sends them its warmest thanks.

Finally, ADLI operates in an ecosystem made up of people sensitive to beauty, which gives its productions an artistic dimension.

Président honoraire ( Ancien président de 2011 à 2017)

Wahid Ferchichi

Doctor of Law, Associate Professor of Public Law, at the University of Carthage, Professor Ferchichi began teaching in 1995 at the Faculty of Sfax, today he practices at the Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences of Tunis. Former member of the national commission of investigation on corruption and embezzlement (2011-2012), member of the technical committee responsible for supervising the national dialogue on traditional justice (2012-2013), co-founder of the Tunisian Association of defense of individual freedoms, director of the Tunis office of the Legal Agenda, co-founder of the National Coordination of Transitional Justice, and member of its executive board, he is also a member of the board of the Tunisian Association of Administrative Sciences (ATSA) .

Mot du Président honoraire

The ADLI as being a non-profit association was conceived and created after January 14, 2011. The creation of the ADLI takes place in the context of freedoms, and in particular the freedom to organize which reigned from the January 14, 2011. The initiative was guided by a desire to emphasize individual freedoms. These freedoms which are closely linked to the individual and which remain relatively ignored or even marginalized compared to collective and public liberties. 

Indeed, the post January 14 period was characterized by a strong politicization of social life. This phenomenon has led to a renewed interest in all civil and political freedoms and rights, including the creation of associations, political parties and trade unions. But this politicization has, in a way, sidelined the Individual: the whole debate revolved around the rights of different groups (NGOs, political parties and unions).

This movement, emphasizing group rights and collective freedoms, was reinforced during the election period when the individual, his rights and his freedoms were absent from the campaign.

Aware that the individual (his rights and freedoms) are at the very heart of any democratic process and constitute the very engine of civic life, a group of citizens (lawyers and non-lawyers) have opted for the creation of a defense association individual freedoms. The association filed its constitution file with the Ministry of the Interior on March 7, 2011 (number 2773) and after three months it published its creation announcement in the Official Journal number 91 of July 30, 2011 (number 2011T04214APSF1).

The ADLI, created by a group of 6 people (university professors, lawyer, judge and designer, remains open to any citizen wishing to join it and share its objectives and principles.

Since its creation, ADLI has contacted all national stakeholders in the field of human rights and freedoms to establish contacts or conclude cooperation and mutual aid agreements (The Tunisian League for Human Rights, the Association of Democratic Women, the Tunisian Association for the fight against AIDS, etc.).

Structurally, the ADLI consists:

A board of directors (composed of 6 members: President / Vice President; Secretary General / Deputy Secretary General; Treasurer / Deputy Treasurer). The office meets once a month and whenever the necessity of the work requires;
An assembly (composed of all members of the ADLI, affiliated for at least one year), which meets once a year to discuss and decide on the strategic lines and annual projects of the ADLI;
A permanent staff: a program manager and an executive secretary from January 2012;
An observatory of individual liberties in Tunisia: this observatory will be made up of volunteers from different disciplines (lawyers, sociologists, psychologists, civil servants; artists; journalists; students, etc.).

ADLI is an association created by a group of 6 people (lawyer, judge, designer and university professors) it's remains open to any citizen wishing to join it and share its objectives and principles.


Address :N°4 rue Mustapha Sfar, Alain Savary, Tunis, Tunisie.

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