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ALDi is recruiting a consultant-researcher

Project / Support for Individual Freedoms

ALDi is recruiting a consultant-researcher
conduct a study on 

The perception of homosexuality among the Tunisian population

The organization

Created in 2011, the Tunisian Association for the Defense of Individual Liberties, ( is an association specializing in the defense of individual freedoms, through its extensive research, studies on religious freedoms, the body, sexual rights, the rights of minorities and discriminated against, sex change, the rights of people living with HIV / AIDS and its weekly press review ...

The mission of the ADLi is to carry out studies relating to individual freedoms which allow human rights defenders to have a solid intellectual base for the preparation of the various arguments in order to lead the pleas in the matter;

The ADLI also works to draw attention to the situation of individual freedoms through the weekly monitoring of the Tunisian media and participates (with all its partners of the Civil Collective for Individual Liberties) in all campaigns and activities for the defense of individual freedoms;

In this context, ADLI, in partnership withASF and  DAMJ, is about to start a 2-year project with the overall objective of contributing to the fight against all forms of violence and discrimination suffered by sexual minorities in Tunisia.

The project will focus on three specific interrelated objectives: 1) facilitate access to legal aid services tailored to the needs of target groups; 2) strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations to jointly advocate for individual freedoms; 3) influence public policies through a mainstream campaign and through advocacy.


To ensure the implementation of this project, in its advocacy component, ADLi is looking for a consultant researcher to conduct a study on: "

General function

The consultant will conduct a study on: "The perception of homosexuality in Tunisian society", he / she works under the supervision of the ADLI office and in particular the study and research officer.


Main responsibilities

The consultant is responsible for:

  1. Operational responsibility:
  • He / she is conducting a study on: "The perception of homosexuality in Tunisian society";
  • He / she determines the nature of the study (qualitative, quantitative, or others);
  • He / she participates in determining the axes of advocacy to be carried out in Tunisia;
  • He / she has the possibility of choosing a research assistant in consultation with the ADLI office and in particular the studies and research officer;
  • He / she leads and coordinates meetings and workshops on the presentation of the study; 
  • He / she is responsible for drafting interim reports relating to the progress of the study;
  • He / she is responsible for writing the final report as well as the study to be published.
  1. Strategic responsibility:
  • He / she is responsible for developing an advocacy vision to be carried out in Tunisia.
  • He / she participates in leading and coordinating advocacy actions undertaken with all civil society actors to initiate a decriminalization process in Tunisia;

Terms & Conditions

  • 30-day fixed-term consultancy contract
  • Remuneration according to experience and ADLI remuneration grid
  • Payment in two installments,

  Eligibility criteria:

  • Bac + 5 - University licenses / Masters in social sciences, psychology, or equivalent;
  • Experience in research and studies (3 to 5 years);
  • Experience in the field of human rights;
  • Excellent ability to research and analyze the political, economic, social context and stakeholder strategies;
  • Knowledge of Tunisian civil society;
  • Excellent command of Arabic, French and English;
  • Proficiency in IT tools, in particular common software (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power point etc.);
  • Team spirit ;
  • Rigor, flexibility, perseverance and sense of diplomacy;
  • Communication skills (oral and written);
  • Available to travel in Greater Tunis and in the regions covered by the project.

To apply, interested candidates must send their CV, cover letter and a methodological note no later than December 31, 2018 by email

NB: put in the subject line of the email: ADLI-perception

ADLI, founded by a group of six people (university professors, a lawyer, a judge, and a designer), is accessible to any citizen who shares its aims and values.


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