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Tunisian Association for the Defense of Individual Freedoms Activity Report 2011-2017 and project for 2018

- ADLI is an association which was created by a group of citizens on March 7, 2011 (receipt number 2773) and published in the Official Journal of Legal Announcements under number 2011T04214APSF1, Journal number 91 of July 30, 2011, p. 4452

- The main object of the ADLI is: The defense of individual freedoms and the promotion of man; The development of research, studies and reports on individual freedoms in Tunisia; The organization of national, regional and international meetings and conferences ; The study of individual freedoms through legal texts, speeches, educational programs, the image of individual freedoms in the media…; Investigating violations of individual freedoms; The defense of individual freedoms by all means: jurisdictional, administrative, media and others; The publication of reports on individual freedoms in Tunisia,

I. ADLI activities 2011-2017

- To achieve these objectives, ADLI has developed a first Project covering the period 2012-2014 and bore the following title: " Support for individual freedoms ».

The implementation of this project was facilitated by the support of the Open Society Foundations (OSF) and the Arab Institute for Human Rights (IADH) and the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

- During the period 2015-2017ADLi has developed its second project: " Support for the rule of law », This project benefited from the support of the following partners: The Common space and the Legal Agenda (Beirut), the German foundation Heinrich Boll;

- At the end of this project, ADLI was able to achieve the following objectives and activities:

1.      Enrich research on individual freedoms:

1.1.ADLI's works 

During this period and thanks to the support of the Open Society, ADLI was able to carry out the following studies which were published as a collective work:

- Individual freedoms: crossed approaches, Tunis 2014;

- Religious freedoms in Tunisia, Tunis 2015;

- The body in all its freedoms, Tunis, 2016;

- Sexual rights, full human rights, Tunis, 2017;

1.2.ADLI studies

- LGBTQI ++ associations in Tunisia, carried out by Jinan Limam;

- The unconstitutionality files, produced by WahidFerchichi, Khaled Mejri and IlefKassab;

- Support for the human rights of PLWHA, carried out by WahidFerchichi.

2.Document the state of individual freedoms:


During this period, ADLI communicated and published 3 reports:

- Report on rights and freedoms in the draft Constitution; April 2013

- Report on the state of individual freedoms in Tunisia, this is a comprehensive and general report published with the support of the Arab Institute for Human Rights in October 2013;

2.2.Press review :

From 2013 ADLI designed and produced a press review, reporting the publications in 10 digital media, relating to individual freedoms. This Review, which was an internal document, was published and distributed on the net from January 1, 2015, in the form of a monthly review, to be transformed from 1er January 2017 in a weekly review;

2.3.The conferences:

Since November 2011, ADLI has organized the following conferences /

- Arab justice in a period of transition, in collaboration with "legal agenda", Tunis December 2011;

- The administration in a period of transition, in collaboration with the Tunisian Association of Administrative Sciences (ATSA), April 2012;

- The Tunis Pact on Rights and Freedoms, with the Arab Institute for Human Rights, September 2012;

- Individual freedoms in Tunisia, October 2013;

- The adaptation of laws to the new constitution, October 2014;

- Religious freedoms in Tunisia, February 2015

- The body in all its freedoms, March 2016;

- Sexual rights human rights in their own right, April 2017

2.4.Involvement in civil society

Since its creation, the ADLI has set the objective of working with the components of civil society who share with it the same values and in particular the universal and interdependent understanding of human rights.

- Founding member of the Independent National Coordination of Transitional Justice; March 2012;

- Participation in the creation of the "Civil Society Collective", this is a collective created at the initiative of the Tunisian Human Rights League in April 2012;

- Participation in the campaign of the “Tunis Pact of rights and freedoms”; initiative of the Arab Institute for Human Rights, July 2012;

- Participation in debates on the Tunisian constitution organized by the National Constituent Assembly, September 2012;

- Founding member of the Civil Collective for Individual Freedoms, in January 2016;

- Preparation and signing of Alternative Reports for the Universal Human Rights Review, in 2012 and 2016.

- Co-organization of the Celebration of May 17 (world day against homophobia and transphobia) in 2016 and 2017;

II. ADLI projects for the year 2018 

After its Projects: "Support for individual freedoms", and "Support for the Rule of Law";

ADLI, once again requested the support of its partner Heinrich BollStiftung, to support its new Project “Fundamental rights research in TunisiaWhich will be carried out in 2018, by proposing the following activities:

- Study: Underage and discriminated against: Tunisian law as a factor of inequality

- Study: the change of sex in Tunisian law, the ordeal of non-normative sexualities.

- ADLI Annual Book: These liberticidal circulars that govern us

- Publication of the weekly press review 

- Prize giving, best media contribution to individual freedom


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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