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Press release / The publication of the report on the situation of individual freedoms in 2019

For the third consecutive year, the Civil Collective for Individual Freedoms shares with you its Annual Report "The State of Individual Freedoms in Tunisia during the Year 2019". This report, prepared jointly by the members of the Collective, identifies and analyzes the violations as well as the progress related to the exercise of these freedoms.

First, the report reviews the main violations of individual freedoms during 2019. These violations, documented and reported by member associations of the Collective, find their origins in discriminatory trends; especially those against women and LGBTQI + people. Indeed, women were victims during the year 2019 of a particular relentlessness depriving them of their fundamental rights of free choice of spouse as well as that of access to contraception / abortion services; LGBTQI + and PLWHIV people, for their part, have been the victims of continuous police, judicial and media harassment. The report also exposes the violations made to the rights of minors and children as well as the obstacles to the legitimate exercise of fundamental rights, such as access to justice and the free exercise of worship.

Second, the report sheds light on certain advances in the exercise of individual freedoms, at the legislative, regulatory, institutional and judicial levels. However, these advances suffer from a major handicap preventing their realization and / or sustainability, given the increasingly damaging absence of the Constitutional Court. The report does not fail to review the dynamics of civil society in the consecration of individual freedoms, as much through its observation and advocacy actions as through its field activities

The report then takes stock of the challenges and priorities for the year 2020, challenges and priorities dictated by a post-election era particularly marked by populism that has repeatedly targeted minorities and their rights, relegating them. second-rank rights according to a hierarchical conception of rights and freedoms, a conception that the Collective fights with determination.

Finally, the Collective takes the opportunity of the publication of its report to recall that the security measures taken in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and with the aim of limiting contagion risk constituting fertile ground for the violation of rights and rights. individual liberties. Although necessary and justified in most cases, these measures risk further disrupting the exercise of our rights and freedoms by exacerbating the will to resort to their prioritization by the authorities. The situation we are living in and the paradigms that structure our responses to it therefore confirm the relevance of this report and make it all the more topical.

The civil collective for individual freedoms


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

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