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Towards the adoption of a new Code of Criminal Procedure

A fundamental step towards the adoption of the new code of criminal procedure was taken on January 31. The Council of Ministers, convened by the President of the Government, Mr. Youssef Chahed, has in fact taken into consideration and debated the text prepared by the Code Reform Commission and adopted by the Ministry of Justice.

This new text is particularly protective of freedoms and guarantees the principles of a fair trial, unfortunately still very often flouted by the persistent practices of the former regime.

The signatory organizations consider that the adoption of this text constitutes a strong act in rupture with the despotic past and would support the judicial system in its autonomy and independence.

As a result, the associations congratulate themselves with the President of the Government and the Minister of Justice for their commitment in favor of the adoption of this text, and urge them to work so that the text is submitted for approval to the Council of Ministers. before the end of the mandate of the current government and that it be transferred to the Assembly of the Representatives of the People for debate and adoption.

The signatory associations:

Lawyers Without Borders

The World Organization Against Torture

The Tunisian Association for the Defense of Individual Freedoms 

The Association of Tunisian Magistrates

Solidar Tunisia

BEITY Tunisia Association

The Organization Against Torture in Tunisia


Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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